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We would like to introduce the new Head of REISSWOLF your. academy.

Markus Gössinger

Markus Gössinger has been with REISSWOLF AUSTRIA since June 2018. He started as a sales specialist for digitalisation and also selling archiving and data destruction services. His major project at REISSWOLF Austria was to digitalize the building files of Austria's municipalities, cities and federal states. 

In 2019, Markus became a member of the “Goldfishgroup”. The Goldfish are a group of young executives who work together on projects and receive further training as managers.

In May 2021, he joined the REISSWOLF International Team and was iniatially responsible for International Key Account Management. In December 2022, Markus was appointed Head of REISSWOLF your. academy. and is also still responsible for International Key Accounts if the partners or customers have questions.

The biggest highlight until now at REISSWOLF was: “To be elected as chairman at the Goldfishes. I particularly like the working atmosphere and the colleges at REISSWOLF.” – stated Markus

He´s passionate about: Sports, especially Soccer, Formula 1 and American football. He enjoys as well watching movies, game nights with family and friends, cooking and travelling around the world to discover new cultures, people and food.

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