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REISSWOLF Portugal launches HOB in a partnership with the Portuguese Post Office

Homeoffice. Box

The Homeoffice. Box is one of our new solutions and products and after a successful test at REISSWOLF Hamburg, it is being used at REISSWOLF Netherlands and now at REISSWOLF Portugal. 

Besides the confidential data destruction handled by REISSWOLF Portugal, this partnership with CTT guarantees the distribution of the HOB in a fast and convenient way for the customers. 

José Henrique, board member, REISSWOLF Portugal stated: “The new coronavirus pandemic has changed the work model of many companies, increasing remote work. This shift in the way of working has risks, namely data leakage or access to unauthorized information. (…) It is therefore important to guarantee the security of the company´s information outside their facilities, through a confidential destruction service that is secure, simple to use and accessible from anywhere.

With this goal, REISSWOLF Portugal offers a new service, in partnership with CTT, designed to securely, quickly and inviolably manage the information that the customers trust us with."

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