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REISSWOLF Czech Republic | Success Stories.

REISSWOLF Czech Republic has a new project in collaboration with the Czech Financial Administration. Their mission entails the meticulous collection of an impressive 450 tons of materials, sourced from over 200 different locations across the Czech Republic.

In another significant partnership, REISSWOLF Czech Republic has joined forces with Motol Hospital to provide top-notch Archive services. It includes the storage of an extensive archive comprising 12.000 RW5 boxes filled with health documentation, each expected to be preserved for an average duration of 30 years.

Recognizing the growing demand from their valued customers, RW Czech Republic has made a strategic investment in a brand-new archiving facility. This state-of-the-art hall has been designed to meet the ever-expanding needs of their clients, as their existing capacity has been fully utilized. The innovative facility will be able to accommodate 60.000 RW5 boxes, ensuring ample and secure space for all the archiving requirements.

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