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REISSWOLF Czech Republic Expands Digitalization Capacity to Meet Growing Demand.

In response to the demand for digitalization services, RW Czech has taken significant steps to enhance its capacity. The company recently secured a new digitalization project involving approximately 0,5 million pages, prompting the need for expansion. 

RW Czech successfully increased its digitalization department's capacity by hiring a new employee and an additional digitalization machine. Their customers are from a diverse range of industries. Among its prominent clients are businesses in the food industry, notably a beer maker, and companies in the energy services sector. The recent addition of a client from the innovation and development industry represents the company's continued expansion into new sectors.

With an eye on future growth, RW Czech is actively preparing for several smaller projects. These upcoming businesses are expected to place additional demands on their digitalization line, prompting the need for further expansion. Plans include acquiring a new digitalization machine and hiring additional employees to ensure the company can continue delivering high-quality services while accommodating increased workloads.

As the company looks ahead to 2024, its focus on innovation and adaptability ensures it remains at the forefront of the digitalization industry.

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