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REISSWOLF Austria expands with a new site in Völkermarkt (Carinthia).

REISSWOLF Austria announced its strategic public relations partnership with the popular, regional football club SK Austria Klagenfurt. This alliance not only signifies a connection between two strong regional brands but also marks a significant step for REISSWOLF in establishing its presence in Carinthia.

The decision to form this partnership and the planned construction in Völkermarkt underscores REISSWOLF's commitment to recognizing and leveraging the high potential of the Carinthian market. The site in Völkermarkt will comprise a modern office building with space for about 10 employees, a production hall for document destruction and a physical archive. The investment will create around 25 new jobs, with the company focusing on highly qualified personnel to expand its services in Carinthia.

The public relations partnership with SK Austria Klagenfurt is part of REISSWOLF Austria's strategy to increase the goodwill of local authorities further, increase brand awareness among the public and local industry as well to shape a positive perception of a global brand with strong relations to regional markets.

The expansion with the new site - supported by a strong PR campaign - will enable RW Austria to position itself as a leader in the industry and offer innovative solutions.

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