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The present and the Future of REISSWOLF your. academy.

This year the REISSWOLF your. academy. invited participants from all over the world to train and learn from each other during two separate weeks of November. The first one, dedicated to Management and the second one to Sales trainings.

We decided to split the training into two weeks to make it easier for everyone to learn and to retain all the information. At the academy, we share decades of experience, and we know it can be a lot to comprehend. 

We would like to thank all the participants. We had the presence of our new partners from Angola and Slovakia and as well colleagues from Sweden, Cyprus, Kosovo, Portugal, and the Czech Republic. 
We received positive feedback and we will try next year to do the academy in our headquarters in Hamburg, where you can all meet in person and hang out after the training. Besides the training part, it´s important that the participants connect and virtually it´s not easy to bond. We tried as well to overcome the constraints of the online and strived to make it interactive, with useful content and engaging for all the participants.

For the future, we are planning to extend the training model we have already implemented in Hamburg, where all departments can have specific training valuable for their areas. Right now our trainers are preparing themselves to present a broad selection of trainings in English and possibly in French as well. 

We would like that the academy reflects not only our ideas and knowledge but as well yours. So please feel free to share with us all your feedback and help us build the academy together. 

Here´s the feedback from some of our participants:

Violeta Islami, CEO, REISSWOLF Kosovo:“REISSWOLF Management & Sales Academy helped us with new knowledge and ideas to grow our business. The topics were interesting and diversified to shape the future of REISSWOLF Kosovo / DOCMAN LLC. I think Academy is the best way to connect with RW partners, know each other, and grow together!” 

Oscar Hederström, Chief REISSWOLF, Sweden:"Stena Recycling has been a partner to Reisswolf for several years. Our business during the pandemic has off course taken some damage but hopefully it has now turned around. 

I have been managing the Swedish REISSWOLF operations since May 2021 but has worked within Stena since 2007 in different market and sales management positions. 

The importance and culture of training our staff within Stena has always been an important part in order to secure an develop our competence. Therefore it is very positive to see that also you within Reisswolf takes the field of competence and training so serious. As always, working with German companies and organizations the structure is a never failing part. For med it was two fruitful days. The possibility to meet other RW partners is off course nice and  gave me lots of insights and ideas on how to broaden our Swedish Reisswolf operations. 

Even though I am quite new in my position at Stena Reisswolf I have long experience within the recycling industry and Stena and I must say the I am very impressed by the organization around the franchise network. 

I wish the best of luck to all of you in your local markets and business and would also like to send a Merry Xmas greeting to all of you."

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