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REISSWOLF Türkiye | Ayvalık International Music Academy Project Report.

Ayvalık International Music Academy presented RW Türkiye with a unique challenge: The digitization of highly specific document types, such as concert programs, student records, and music sheets, for accessibility on the Doxagon document management system. A total of 30.000 documents were scanned, classified, and indexed.

This project took place at the headquarters of the Ayvalık Culture and Art Foundation and was accomplished within 15 days.

Eren Tapan, a Board Member at Ayvalık International Music Academy, expressed, "We made the right decision. Despite our archive's distinctive nature, the REISSWOLF digitization team established a helpful environment within AIMAin Ayvalık. They executed the process with patience and precision, actively listening to our needs, comprehending our system, and crafting the necessary solutions. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them."

Sedat Dönmezer, Sales & Marketing Director at RW Türkiye, acknowledged that the Ayvalık International Music Academy's digitization project stood apart from conventional projects. Nevertheless, the team was very happy to embrace the project and to conclude it, seeing it as an enriching experience. 

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