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REISSWOLF Slovenia promotes "Sporty" Team Building


REISSWOLF Slovenia team building

We are so happy to see that our Partners are returning to the “normal” after all these months in lockdown.

Ajda Skrokov, Key Account Manager, told us that: "REISSWOLF Slovenia was always known as »sporty franchise« if I can usethat expression (...). I would really like to expose our socializing in »pleasant with useful« spirit because we arecurrently planning for 2022 and the title of this year's planning is Creative plan for 2022 with Less is more guide, so hiking is for sure the right way to start making something creative with enough ability to execute those ideas, mostly with digitalization.”

Promoting team building activities has many benefits for organisations such as improved communication, collaboration, bonding, trust, respect or reinforce the company´s culture.

Keep making a difference REISSWOLF Slovenia.

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