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REISSWOLF invited the partners of Eurovan – The international Movers Network- to exchange best practices and visit their biggest archiving warehouse in Hamburg

REISSWOLF International was honoured to participate at the Eurovan - The International Movers Network - removals conference, an event that took place between the 12th and the 15th of February, at the Hotel Hafen in Hamburg, the first in-person event in the last 3 years, disconnected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our company was proudly represented at the event by Ana Hüni – Director Franchising International and Michael Witte – Director Products and Solutions International. Our colleagues had the opportunity to connect face to face, network, and exchange best practices with more than 60 leaders in the removal industry, coming from 25 countries. 

As a business partners of EUROVAN, REISSWOLF presented their complete document management services & solutions, as well as their franchising model to build such a business internationally, showing the partners present at the event, just how easy a conversion to professional archiving would be for companies coming from removals. Our presentation and business model were received with much enthusiasm and curiosity, therefore our colleagues had a lot of interesting conversations, as well as many questions about the modalities in which a removal company can diversify their business. 

The highlight of the first full business introductions day was the visit of all the international Eurovan partners present at the conference, at the biggest document storage of REISSWOLF International near Hamburg. The guests were interested among others to learn how professional archives are being handled and processed, how the customer data is being secured and as well what kind of software investment is needed to manage so many files. Of course, there were also a lot of discussions comparing the two businesses: removals- where the focus is to temporarily store goods, sometimes also archives before moving it further, and professional records management, where the focus is on long-reliable storage & management of the customer files. 
At the end of the visit, we couldn’t have been happier when we heard the remarks of our guests, that congratulated us for the impressive presentation and international business development and thanked us for exchanging best practices with them. 

The remaining two days of the conference were mostly spent networking outdoors and visiting the highlights of Hamburg. That was a great opportunity to be tourists in our town and to enjoy connecting with the participants in a more relaxed setting. 

We are looking forward to the next year`s conference and are always open to network with other industries. Please feel free to contact our commercial department if you would like to learn more about our conversion model for removals and see how you can fast diversify your removal business at: 

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