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REISSWOLF International has a new Franchise Partner in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of REISSWOLF International’s newest partners and Karol Firbas is the Director and responsible for the decision to start a franchise business with REISSWOLF.

He decided to take over the brand in Slovakia because he felt that he and the rest of the team could use the potential of the brand more efficiently and with a higher impact on the market. About the experience in working with REISSWOLF International until now, he states: “very good, with a lot of support and understanding for our specific situation (we have taken over an existing base of clients). Now that the transition of old clients is almost finished, we are looking forward to opening new opportunities on the market and we are happy that REISSWOLF International, as well as some partners from central Europe, have already helped us with some tenders, doing it very promptly and effectively.”

REISSWOLF Slovakia hopes to establish itself as the main partner of the banking sector for data destruction in the next 5 years, using its extensive knowledge of logistics. In terms of physical data archiving, the goal is to reach at least 65 000 boxes with a contribution of at least 50% from SMEs. The company aims to reach a target of 1 500 000 scanned pages per year by 2023.

Karol Firbas has a background in financial mathematics but never worked full time in this area and he is also the CEO and Co-Owner of Kerschner s.r.o. – waste and logistics. When we asked him to share a curiosity about him, he said that he does not have any pair of jeans. Incredible, right!

Welcome to the group!

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