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REISSWOLF celebrates new Partnership in Africa

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership. REISSWOLF is now entering the African market with João Bernardo, co-founder of ARQUIVOSMART, a document management company with experience in Angola, whose founders also have vast national and international experience in the logistics, consulting and real estate sectors. 

João Bernardo, General Manager of REISSWOLF Angola, has been working for 15 years in the banking sector in Angola, with passage among the main banks and is a businessman for 19 years with a vast experience in record companies, transportation, consulting, construction works. He and his business partners decided to franchise REISSWOLF to serve and serve better, through the rigor and excellence they apply in their activities, values they identify in REISSWOLF, combined with the vast experience of the REISSWOLF group in this field.

In the next 5 to 10 years REISSWOLF Angola wants to become market leader in the field of document management. 

"Our agenda for the next 5 years is to be a people-centric company, committed to its customers and partners, competitive, profitable, sustainable and with representation in the main provinces of Angola." - João Bernardo, General Manager - REISSWOLF Angola

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