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Introducing Michael Robalo

Michael Robalo

In August 2018, Michael Robalo joined REISSWOLF Austria, as the responsible person for digitalisation. He managed to grow the team and improve Quality Management processes by sustainably setting up the capacities for more orders.

In 2019, Michael became a member of the “Goldfish Group”. The Goldfish are a group of young executives who work together on projects and receive further training as managers. Since May 2022 he has been acting as Chairman of this group.

In April 2021, he became part of the REISSWOLF International team, supporting D-RMS all the network on the Business Excellence team. At the moment he is working as Manager Projects & Consulting International helping to develop P-RMS and D-RMS, including tools like RWAM and REISSWOLF f.i.t. He is always willing to support our partners with software for scanning and wants them to scan millions of pages a year.

At the same time, he is Project Manager at REISSWOLF Portugal, developing the digitalization department. The goal is to expand service and business in Portugal in the same way as is already happening in Austria and Germany.

“The biggest highlight until now at REISSWOLF? Well, I read about Mark Twain, that "the secret of moving forward is to start". At REISSWOLF, I have the responsibility and the freedom to start, to work, to change, to develop.... it’is a daily momentum that I try to use and always give my best. Every moment when we finish a roll-out of a product, or a project is successful, or I help one of our partners, is a highlight that lasts.” – states Michael Robalo

He is passionate about: Soccer and Formula 1. He also enjoys watching movies and series and spending time with his family, friends and with Chase (Old German Shephard). 

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